Pink Dolphins Exploring

Where to see Pink Dolphins ?

It’s not a legend ! Pink dolphins are really visible especially in Thong Ching bay. No trip to Khanom is complete without a sighting of the pink dolphins.

Observing in Khanom, pink dolphins is definitely the activity number one in the area. There are two places in the world where you can admire pink dolphins: in New Zealand and in Khanom area. Locals estimate that there is about 80 dolphins leaving in the area.

The pink dolphins are also known as humpback dolphins. The color of these humpback dolphins varies across its range from white or grey to beautiful unique pink color. The color of dolphin changes due to the age. The newborns are dark grey and their color changes to white or pink as they grow up to help preventing the body temperature from getting too high.

Baan Thong Ching Resort is working closely with local guides who will be able to track down with you the pink dolphins. They will pick you up and bring you back by boat directly at the beach of our resort.

  • 2-3 hours boat tour
  • Pick up at the resort beach
  • Fisherman temple island visit
  • Exploring the beautiful Khanom coast

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